Zoom in on Net Zero - with Ecotricity's Dale Vince

VIDEO: Green entrepreneur and Forest Green Rovers’ chairman speaks to BusinessGreen’s James Murray about his career in renewable energy and his new book ‘Manifesto’

Dale Vince is an environmental activist, green entrepreneur, and CEO of Ecotricity, which he set up as one of the world’s first ever green energy companies almost 25 years ago.

Vince spent a number of years living on the road as a New Age traveller before being inspired to wade into the business world after visiting the a wind farm in Cornwall in the early 1990s.

He then went on to set up his own renewable energy company in 1996, and has since backed a number of other high profile green ventures, including his chairmanship of Forest Green Rovers FC, which became the world’s first all-vegan football club in 2015.

In a wide-ranging chat about his career and future projects, BusinessGreen editor in chief James Murray spoke to Vince about how he got started in renewable energy, his efforts to build the greenest football club in the world at Forest Green Rovers, and his new book ‘Manifesto: How a maverick entrepreneur took on British energy and won’. The discussion can be watched in full above.

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