Homeopathic Treatment for Diabetes Aim To Reversing The Disease

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Homeopathic treatment for diabetes
Home Homeopathy Homeopathic Treatment for Diabetes Aim To Reversing The Disease
Published on November 5, 2016

Dr P Banerji’s uses advanced Homeopathic treatment for diabetes

At the Dr. P. Banerji Clinics we use advanced Homeopathic treatment for diabetes type 2 (diabetes mellitus or DM) with the unique aim of reversing the disease (through “normalizing” the body).

This is quite different to conventional diabetes treatment which usually requires life-long ongoing treatment. Conventional medicine focusses treatment solely on trying to artificially control blood sugar (through insulin control) and manage the symptoms of diabetes (with the attendant risk of side effects) without considering the underlying disease process.

Dr P Banerji’s Clinics use advanced homeopathic protocols (including homeopathic medicines and dietary management) designed to:

  • Treat the present diabetes – this will take many months during which time we routinely monitor progress (see monitoring process below)
  • Alleviate the symptoms caused by diabetes.
  • Create a permanent correction to the body’s production and response to insulin.
  • Prevent diabetes progressing and producing nephropathy, neuropathy and retinopathy.
  • Gradually reduce reliance on conventional medicines for controlling diabetes by creating a supported, gradual and managed withdrawal strategy.

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