What Does A Holistic Nutritionist Eat In A Typical Day?

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Published on March 23, 2017

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What does a holistic nutritionist eat on a regular basis?

Today, I’m going to share about: what does a holistic nutritionist eat in a typical day.

It’s actually one of the couple questions I get very often. What Phil and I eat in a typical day. I can actually understand why you want to ask that. I would be curious as well. I always post recipes but they don’t really fir into daily plans.

What does a holistic nutritionist eat regular basis? For breakfast we usually eat some type of grain, which we like to cook in a lot of water. To make sure that its easily digested and to start the day off with some kind of hydration. We often have oats that we soaked overnight, which we actually don’t cook. They got cooked in a process of rolling them – they got steamed. They are partially cooked already so we just soaked them with some flak seeds, otherwise we cook up some rice or some millet with extra water. Then, we often sweeten it with some fruits – an apple or a pear. We actually do two fruits and then we split them between our bowls. That’s through the winter. In the summer, we shift to more fruit and less grains. We actually don’t have grains at all, for some mornings but it depends on how hunger we are.

Phil usually needs something more substantial. For lunch, we have a green smoothie – some fruits, some greens, some sprouts and some supplements we want to put on. We usually put some multi vitamins in our smoothies along with some spirulina. We give that about half and hour to digest before eating a more “lunchy” type lunch, which usually are salad especially during the summer. I also like to add some cooked beans or lentils or sweet peas in to the salad at lunch, because I find that’s the best time for me to digest slightly more complicated nutrients.

I like to have a lot of energy for lunch because that’s actually my hungriest part of the day. We have it in various forms – just a simple salad or lettuce wraps, but we at times we do sprouted flour wraps like some rice cakes with lots of vegetables and some bean dip on top. We actually have some afternoon snack. I usually like to have some fruits with nuts or seeds – usually seeds because they’re cheaper and slightly have less fat content than nuts. Phil often has a big bowl of oats because he burns more calories than I do. He is a guy and he likes to work out, we both like to work out but he has bigger muscles than I do. For dinner, we will have some grains or starchy vegetables, my favorite is sweet potatoes, and lots more veggies. In the winter, I usually do some ore cooked vegetables, while I have some raw vegetables during the summer depending on the temperature or what our feeling. When we feel kike eating, I try to tone the fat during dinner because it takes along time for me to digest fat, and I don’t like going to bed with a bunch of food in my stomach.

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