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Published on September 1, 2017

Tai Chi Movements

In this segment I’m going to talk about Single Whip. This is the signature movement of Tai Chi, and according to some of my teachers, the most important movement of Tai Chi. So beginning from push we’re going to, in the yang style, turn around 180 degrees. So we turn on the heel, let the arms follow, there are variations to this. Shift back, turn on the toe, lifting the heel. We draw the foot back, drawing the hands back across the body forming a Crane’s beak of hook with our right hand. The most common error I see here, is that people draw the hands into the body, crushing the egg inside of their armpit.

So we bring the hands across the body. If you need to, turn the hip a little bit, because what we need to do here is to step to the left a little bit. If you do not step to the left you’ll be standing on a narrow board. So stand a little bit to the left, pushing with the back leg, when you get beyond halfway, you turn the hips and open the arms outward. The left hand ends up facing 45 degrees forward. So not all the way here, not here, 45 degrees forward. This being your striking surface. The right hand, the wrist is pushing up and out, the shoulder is open, being vertical. So we’re going out in this direction, going out in this direction, going out in this direction.

So it’s a very extended movement. Being mindful not to tighten the back shoulder. Just go outward with every single limb..

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