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Published on February 16, 2017

Manuka Honey is as a cleanser and a mask and a face everything.

It’s awesome for acne, mature skin, everything. Ok so lately I’ve been just using manuka honey as my skin cleanser. I was traveling and my skin got a little funky up here, a little clogged and I was not happy with that.

So I’ve been just using manuka honey. You can you know use a very little bit. I every time I go to Trader Joes and they have manuka honey 10+, this is about $10 this ounces. And I just buy multiple of em. I just buy em out. Which is great because this is kind of cheap for 10+. 10+ indicates the amount of the medicinal component that is inside the manuka honey from New Zealand. so the little bees they hang around, they get the pollen from the tea tree oil plant and thats why its so awesome. Manuka honey is superior to regular honey. Regular honey works too. So because I was feeling so funky up here. I mean I was doing a little bit of peels and scrubby but also just hanging out when Im doing computer work or whatever. Just slathering some manuka honey on your face and leaving it on your face for as long as you can and rinsing it off. Your face will feel so moisturized because honey is a humectant. So for mature skin as well, fine lines you know everything, its great for your skin.

But in the morning Ill lately just not even wash it. Ill just rinse it with water or whatever or if Im feeling a little funny Ill scrub it with a little bit of baking soda. But not messing with it and doing the manuka honey is helping my clogged pore action that was happening. But its great for aging skin as well as like a skin mask because its a humectant. It draws in moisture.

And your skin will feel wonderfully smooth and moisturized and supple. So um, yea. There is multiple reasons why you should use manuka honey as your skin moisturizer, mask, cleanser. Acneic skin if you have acneic skin you want to use, you want to work with your insides. Right its a reflection of whats happening in your gut. You want to get probiotics and make your fermented foods and not irritate your skin. Because your acneic skin is irritated and inflamed skin. Thats whats happening. So you don’t want to aggravate with like harsh chemical, oil stripping stuff. You want to use oil cleansing method. Like jojoba oil. Manuka is awesome because it has antibacterial antimicrobial properties. Thats what’s so awesome about it verses just regular honey. Don’t aggravate your skin. Don’t use any cleanser like in the morning like I’ve been doing. Just rinse your face off. So thats what I recommend. This stuff is awesome for multiple skin applications. Even if you just have dry skin. Ok! Do it. It’s awesome stuff yea.

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