Patios House / Rama Estudio. Image © JAG Studio

Patios House / Rama Estudio. Image © JAG Studio

In many cases, I haven’t been able to decide whether a building full of trees fits into the “sustainable” category. In fact, I’ve often had to make the argument that such a building is far from it. 

It seems that the vast majority of contemporary marketing for sustainable architecture operates under the guise of greenwashing. What’s more, the line between what truly creates healthier and more sustainable living spaces and what doesn’t is often a blurred one.

To see just how blurred this line is, we asked our readers to weigh in on just what makes a house “green”. Is it being able to trace the source of your building materials and knowing the people who harvest, process, and sell them? Is it the ability to fulfill the day-to-day needs of the inhabitants using renewable resources?

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