Valter’s aged Tolminc cheese

KOBARID: Food lovers in Europe can get a taste of Slovenia thanks to an initiative by Ana Ros and Valter Kramer of Hisa Franko to open their storehouse for delivery. Goods are shipped by GLS to Europe on a twice weekly basis.

With the restaurant closed for the second time, the restaurant is making a number of its cheese and wines available for purchase as well as a huge selection of home made jams, crackers, butter, chutneys and more.

“If you cannot come to the Hisa Franko, Hisa Franko will come to you,”.

Among the goods available is Ana’s new book Sun and Rain that was published earlier this year.

The Sun and Rain package includes the book, a bottle of selected Slovenian wine, aged Tolminc cheese from Valter’s cheese cellar, honey from a neighbour and Franko’s homemade marmalade.

From the storehouse one can find rustic crackers, a selection of cheese from Slovenia including a Cheese platter from the restaurant, apple and pear butter, a selection of different marmalades from the garden, dulche de leech from mountain whey as well as toffee spread from mountain whey, fermented kimchi and different types of ramson buds.

Also from the shop, one can find a selection of natural wines. Valter Kramer says the shop had been established with one mission, to spread passion and love. “When I’m completely down, drained and burnt-out, but I still need to be functional and up-and-running, I open a bottle of Organic Anarchy and it lifts you up all the way to the sky. In that state, if I had a glass of conventional wine, it would only wear me down more,” he said.

This has been a difficult year for restaurants worldwide but for Hisa Franko, which was riding the crest of the wave with more international acclaim as well as 2 Michelin stars, the new lockdown comes as a blow.

Hisa Franko is closed until Thursday 3 December and Ana Ros said last month that she oped the situation will calm down by then and they could be operational again as from 4 December. Bookings for the 2021/22 season are open.

Orders for wine can be placed at the online wine shop.

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