An image from the front page of the comic Ludocrats, issue 2, showing Baron Otto (a rotund man with a large ginger beard, wearing a red and black piratical frock coat) lunching forwards with many strange and random objects in his wake: a tennis ball, a hand grenade, a small yellow sausagey creature. Next to him, a surgeon in a green ball gown with purple hair is riding on a syringe filled with green liquid. Either she is very small or the syringe is very large. Or both.

A Panel Shaped Screen is a monthly column where Giada Zavarise explores how comics and videogames inspire each other. For this last issue, she summoned comics writer and man who has nothing to do with RPS Kieron Gillen for a chat.

Autumn. Nature renews itself. Green shades turn to warm reds. The air gets chiller, the days get shorter. Kids return to school. Columns come and go. Games journalists become narrative designers. It’s the circle of life.

But autumn is also the season when the laws of nature gets tweaked, and the dead wake up again to haunt the living for a day. Let’s salute this column with an act of impromptu necromancy, then. One freshly resurrected Kieron Gillen, to talk about his un-life after games journalism. He’s always been the goth-est of us, after all.


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